2021 Virtual ICAM Webinar Series / 23 and 30 September

Dear Colleagues,

The next scientific webinar to be held as part of the virtual ICAM 2021 webinar series will be hosted by the Francophone Society of Aerospace Medicine (SOFRAMAS) on 23 September (in French) and again on 30 September (in English) during 17:00 - 19:30 hrs (Paris time).

The topic is "Tropical diseases and overseas missions in aircrew : an update in 2021", which will make an interesting change from the COVID-related webinars that have been provided lately. We encourage you to support this event, which is free and does not require registration.

The full programme is at the foot of this message and more information, including ZOOM links, is available at:

Webinar Programme

Introduction et bienvenue / Introduction and welcome : Dr M. MONTEIL, MD (President of SOFRAMAS) & Pr O. MANEN, MD (Chair of Scientific Committee of SOFRAMAS & ICAM)

Dr P. CORREA, MD (AME Class 1, Medical Assistance, Dakar, Senegal) : Hépatite B et aptitude du personnel navigant en Afrique sub-Saharienne / Hepatitis B and fitness of aircrew in sub-Saharan Africa

Dr N. HUIBAN, MD (AME Class 1, AeMC Saint-Anne Military Hospital, Toulon, France) : Gestion pratique du SAS en déplacement chez le PN / Practical management of SAS in aircrew when travelling

Dr G. GUIU, MD (AME Class 1, AeMC Percy Military Hospital, Paris, France) : Les dangers de la drépanocytose en aéronautique / The dangers of sickle-cell disease in aviation

Pr C. FICKO, MD, PhD (Specialist of infectious diseases, Bégin Military Hospital, Paris, France) : Paludisme chez les PN : ne pas sous-estimer le risque ! / Malaria in flight crew : don’t underestimate the risk !

Pr F. SIMON, MD, PhD (Specialist of infectious diseases, Risk&Vir, INSERM-IRD AixMarseille, France) : Actualités des arboviroses : le retour de la menace ? / Update on arboviral diseases : the returning threat ?