Associate Fellows Membership

Dear AsMA members,

As the Membership Chair of the Aerospace Medical Association (“AsMA”) Associate Fellows Group (“AFG”), I would like to invite qualified members of AsMA to consider applying for Associate Fellowship.

Associate Fellowship recognizes members of AsMA who have contributed to the Association in a positive manner and wish to make a stronger connection with the Association. Membership of the AFG provides a venue for AsMA members to broaden their participation and make a greater contribution to AsMA and the field of Aerospace Medicine.

Associate Fellows are encouraged to take the initiative for their own advancement within AsMA, and membership of, and participation in, the AFG may lead to consideration for AsMA Fellow status.

Benefits of membership:

• Membership of the AFG provides an opportunity to receive guidance on how to sponsor or participate in scientific panels, serve as panel or session chairs, and present scientific papers or posters at the AsMA Annual Scientific Meetings. It also provides an opportunity to gain experience with participating in the Annual AsMA Scientific Program Committee meeting each November;
• Committee participation allows AFG members to become familiar with the operations of both the AFG and AsMA;
• Committee membership allows AFG members to use their skills and experience to advance the interests of the AFG and AsMA;
• The AFG web site and social media platforms provide avenues for members to interact with each other and share their publications and achievements; and
• Active involvement within the AFG gives members the opportunity to interact with other AFG members, AsMA Fellows, and the leadership of AsMA, providing unique opportunities for career guidance and mentoring.


AsMA members who have made a positive contribution to the Association, are currently a full member (not student or training status) of AsMA, and have been a member in good standing (with no outstanding dues) for at least five years, are eligible to apply for membership of the AsMA Associate Fellows Group, and are encouraged to submit an application.

How to submit an application:

Applications for Associate Fellowship should be made by submitting a current Curriculum Vitae (CV) together with a covering email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The covering email should have “AsMA AFG Membership Application” in the header, and include the following information:

Title and Full Name:
Preferred ‘Phone (include international dialing code):
Current Work Position:

Applications for Associate Fellowship will be reviewed by AFG Membership Committee and submitted to the AsMA Executive Committee for approval. New applicants should wait for notification from AsMA regarding their Associate Fellow status. Successful candidates are inducted at the AFG Breakfast each year during the AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting and receive a certificate and a lapel pin.

A US$25 initiation fee is payable to AsMA upon notification. Annual dues are payable thereafter (currently US$10).

Closing date: 31 December 2020

Applications will be reviewed and notifications will occur prior to the 2021 Annual Meeting.

For further information about the Associate Fellows Group please visit our web site: Links to our Facebook page and Twitter feed can also be found there.

With all good wishes,
Dr. Justin B. Nast, MD, MPH
Membership Chair
AsMA Associate Fellows Group