ESAM President Newsletter July 2024

Dear Colleagues,

Let me take advantage of the approaching 2024 Summer Holidays to wish you a relaxing and enjoyfull time.

Since my last news letter the Executive Committee and Advisory Board met in June 2023 in Lisbon, in December 2023 and March 2024 at Eurocontrol, Brussels.

AS you are aware, this is the final phase of my presidency and I look forward to having Jochen take the lead for the next term commencing in Lisbon at the ICAM. There we will have the completion of the election of the New EC which will take over from the existing Officers. I hope that your associations will consider nominating people to act on the EC for the coming term of office.

The most recent ESAM Executive Committee met in Cologne, April 2024 and we wish to thank the EASA Medical Team colleague’s fir their outstanding support in providing the venue at EASA Headquarters.

Ahead of our annual General Assembly to be held at ICAM in Lisbon, we have many issues to be considered. One of our major tasks has been to develop the Business Plan for ESAM as it matures and is working in a changed world. This is well advanced, and I hope to have the task completed by the time that I hand over to Jochen.

Another area that we focussed on was the presence of ESAM at National/Regional AME Meetings. I was very honoured to be invited to Germany, Portugal, Moldova, Serbia, Croatia and Chechia in my most recent term. These were wonderful opportunities to meet the AMEs and other Aviation Professionals and hear their views and opinions. I hope that this is a task that will continue and grow in the future. It is hoped that we can become involved in refresher training at AME conferences etc. by providing speakers on topics that a National Association requests support for.

Last August ESAM was represented by Dr. Simons (Executive Committee) and Anthony Wagstaff and me at the “ICAO Air Navigation World 2023 – shaping the skies of tomorrow”, in Montreal, following the invitation forwarded by ICAO Chief Medical Officer.

Last year (Sept-Oct) ESAM Academy ran a Basic Course of Aviation Medicine very well attended and very positive feedback provided by attendees.

In October 2023, several members of the Executive Committee and I attended the 69th International Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine which took place in Abu-Dhabi.

April 2024, ESAM Academy in collaboration with the Lithuanian CAA completed a Basic Course aimed at Medical Assessors and AME´s from Baltic Region.

Finally, ESAM Academy is arranging an Advanced Course to be held in October 2024, in hybrid format in Belgium in collaboration with the Belgian society of Aerospace Medicine AMABEL.

ESAM has been actively present in the recent AsMA Meeting in Chicago.  Beside the the participation in various Organising Committee Meetings along with AsMA and the International Academy, ESAM actively participated in the Luncheon-Meeting focused in the arrangements for ICAM 2024, and future ICAM 2026. The already traditional ESAM Scientific Lunch time meeting took place the 8th of May entitled “2024: An open window for Aviation Health and performance Operations”, which was very well attended, as usual. Panel was chaired by me and presentations from Drs. Rios Tejada, Simons, Wagstaff, De Rooy and Cpt Dave Fielding.

This remaining 2024 is full of activities, in preparation to ICAM 2024 in Lisbon. Congress is around the corner and the four organizations involved AsMA, ESAM, IAASM and SMAPor, already met several times, and Joint Organizing Committee and Joint Scientific Committee established, have been working  in both faces, and arrangements are in a very  advance stage of preparation.  ESAM has put together a very attractive refresher course for AME´s, that will take place the 5th of October.

The ICAM 2024 web site is live and accesible for people interested in attending. Do not forget deadlines risking missing the chance to get registered at a better fee and taking part in visits. Participate in the lively discussions at the different panel presentations and use the Congress to promote and enhance aviation medical networking

We encourage you to participate in the ESAM General Assembly, make proposals and participate in working groups and activities around the Circle of Experts (CoE). ESAM can do very little without the support and active participation of the members of the Societies that compose the European Society.

Again, enjoy the well-deserved Summer Holidays, keep in touch and come out with proposals, initiatives and active participation in this European Society of Societies.


Dr. Declan Maher
ESAM President