ESAM President Newsletter


Dear Colleagues,

The ESAM Executive Committee met in Lisbon last weekend. We thank our Portuguese friends for making the meeting possible and sharing with us the plans for the ICAM next year. They provided us with facilities at the Ordem dos Medicos and brought us to the venue for the ICAM at the Aula Magma, Lisbon University.

The General Assembly will take place in this Autumn, the date and location have yet to be decided. We are conscious of the demands on time and finances and hope to meet these with the decision. When decided we will publish details on the website. Please come, submit proposals and participate in Working Groups and the Circle of Experts (CoE). Without your support and input ESAM is powerless. We have come a long way in a very short time thanks to all your work.

Supporting our National Societies has been an important focus and in recent months I have been honoured to address scientific fora where AMEs and aviation medical experts from Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chechia and Slovakia were present. In the near future I hope to address in Croatia and some of our former colleagues in the UK.

At ICAM 2022, last year in Paris, ESAM organised AME Refresher Training for some 200 AMEs. It included lectures, debate and received positive critique. This was part of our tradition started in Oslo in 2016 and we plan to repeat the process in Lisbon next year. ESAM is active along with AsMA, the Academy and SMAPor in both the Organising and Scientific Committees. We hope to build on the success of Paris and provide a very attractive conference next year.

ESAM Academy presented an Advanced Course in Aviation Medicine with the support o the Norwegian Institute of Aviation Medicine. A Basic Course is scheduled for this September.

ESAM was active at AsMA in New Orleans. We have representatives on various AsMA Committees and affiliated Organisations. We had a panel on Reduced Crew Operations and the traditional ESAM@AsMA Wednesday lunchtime meeting which aims to highlight issues that are relevant in the European theatre with an eye to the rest of the world.

At ICAO, ESAM will present at the “Air Navigation World 2023- Shaping the skies of tomorrow” in August this year, following an invitation from Dr Jordaan, CMO ICAO.

Next year will be a very active one. Preparation for the ICAM is well advanced and a lot of  the background work has been completed in a co-operative manner between the four Organisations. We are putting together a very attractive AME Refresher Training Session. We already have a draft programme. Why not submit an abstract? Register early and get involved. Join us at the Congress and be part of the discussions and debates that take place. Enhance our Aviation medicine networking.

After the ICASM 2023 in Abu Dhabi this October, the ICAM 2024 website will open with details, fees and deadlines. Be sure to save the dates and we hope that ICAM 2024 will be a success for everyone.

I hope that you and yours will have a very peaceful and enjoyable Summer Holidays.


Declan Maher