The development of ESAM's collaboration with AsMA

As the AsMa congress in Las Vegas approaches, again ESAM will organise the “famous” lunch meeting on Wednesday, as well as other panels in the general program. Also, ESAM and AsMA have together organised 2 successful ECAM conferences in Europe: Oslo in 2016 and Prague in 2018.

Bringing The international Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine on board, The first collaboration on a congress with these societies together marks a further development in international collaboration, this time in Paris in 2020 - , with our local organizers SOFRAMAS, an important member organisation of ESAM.

This development of ESAM's collaboration with AsMA has been possible through hard work over time by many devoted people, developing understanding from our common achievements and learning from our mistakes. Most of all, friendships over time is maybe the crucial element.

The pictures showing the current AsMA president Roland Vermeiren and ESAM president Anthony Wagstaff speaks for themselves in this respect, but are also symbolic of the collaboration that has developed between our organisations - for the good of Aerospace Medicine.