Workshop on Mental Fitness of Aviation Personnel, September 28-30 2023, Chisinau, Moldova

ESAM, the representatives of EASA-MeSafe project and EPPSI have supported the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Moldova in the organization of the Workshop on Mental Fitness of Aviation Personnel. This event was held on September 28-30, 2023, in Chisinau, Moldova.

The event united in Chisinau more than 60 specialists in aviation and aviation medicine (AMEs, medical assessors, psychologists, operational managers) from different states: Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium and Ireland. Participants shared the methods of assessment, treatment and safety management of the mental health conditions of the aviation personnel in order to ensure flight safety.

Experts from EASA-MeSafe Project presented data of the research that was done so far in diagnosis, treatment of mental health conditions which can pose a risk for aviation safety and would consequently lead to pilots’ and Air Traffic Control Officers’ unfitness.

Also, special attention was given to Peer Support Programs dedicated to civil aviation personnel from various countries.