ESAM Executive Committee for the terrified

The new EC (except the President) will be elected this year, by electronic voting, and announced at the General Assembly on 11th November. The present EC thought it would be a good idea to outline the roles of the different officers of the EC, for potential candidates, along with some competencies (not all of which are serious!!) Vice-Presidents. Provide support to the President and deputise on official duties when the President not available. May take on specific tasks or responsibilities as decided by the EC. Sombre clothing choice to avoid clash with President essential.
Secretary General. Responsible for the day to day administration of the Society, keeping of archives, recording of minutes. Receives applications from new members and main point of contact for existing member organisations. Patience of saint is desirable. Finance Director. Responsible for the Society’s finances, keeping of accounts, making payments. Receives subscriptions from member organisations. Liaises with German tax authorities, and Notaries when changes to EC or statutes are made. German speaking essential. Being German optional. Ability to count preferable. Communications Director. Responsible for communications from and to the Society. Main point of contact with the Webmaster. Main point of initial contact with the Media. Media training or experience of working with media is helpful, knowledge of website use is desirable. Psychic powers desirable for predicting changes of contact details and e-mail addresses which are not notified to us. Director without portfolio. Not the ‘soft option’. Picks up all the other jobs that don’t fit with any of the other portfolios. Assists other directors in specific tasks. Candidate needs a degree of ‘self direction’ to get the best from the role. Otherwise good tea/coffee making skills are a must! If you are not deterred by working hard, travelling to meetings, and speaking English!…..and all this for no pay (although help with travel expenses is available) then why not stand for election to the EC. The details of the process will be sent to your Organisation (who will nominate you), and will be on the website. In return, you will widen your horizons of aerospace medicine across Europe and work with a dynamic group of people who share a passion to see ESAM develop over the coming years. What’s more…’s FUN.