Executive Committee meeting in Seville

I am returning to the UK from Seville, on a Ryanair flight, as I write this blog. The Executive Committee (EC) had a very productive meeting on Saturday 18th.

Many of us took the opportunity for a couple of extra days in the beautiful and sunny city of Seville, where the temperature touched 38degC at times. We were joined by representatives of Soframas (Patrick Rodrigues) and SEMA (Maria-Jose Martin Utset), as observers, for parts of the meeting. They were able to witness at first hand, the hard work we are doing on your behalf. If you would like a representative of your Society to attend a future meeting, particularly if we are meeting in your area, please make contact with Roland Vermeiren to arrange an invitation.
We had an excellent presentation on pilots with diabetes taking insulin, from Ries Simons, which will form the basis of a draft position paper for ESAM on the subject. This will be sent to every member organisation for comment, in the near future. Our position paper on Fatigue Risk Management Systems has already attracted a lot of interest. A review of the evidence base for routine medical examinations of cabin crew will follow.

The website continues to attract a lot of interest, and we will be making some changes to make the site easier to navigate. We will investigate the possibility of an 'on-line' scientific journal. We recognise that this would be a lot of work.......any volunteers?

We were very pleased to hear that the Chief Medical Officer Group has listened to our comments about the need for consistency in the allocation of CME points, or hours, across different European states, and has established a sub-group to facilitate this.

The outline format, content and pricing of the European Conference in Aerospace Medicine on 10-11th November 2012 in London,was discussed and agreed. It will have the theme of medicine in the extreme environment, including the challenges of space tourism. There will be time available for the presentation of 17 scientific abstracts, and we are hoping to attract papers of the highest quality. More details will be on the web later this year, but SAVE THE DATE, in your diary or electronic gizmo!

Finally, a reminder that there are only a few days left to pay your subscriptions, and benefit from the 15% discount. The deadline of the end of June will not be extended. We realise that times are tough for many of our member groups, but as ESAM grows and becomes more influential, we cannot function without your support. We spend your money wisely, and keep the expenses of our meetings to a minimum.
Your subscriptions for 2011 must be paid in order to be eligible to vote at the General Assembly in Bucharest (following ICASM) on Friday 16th September. Your EC is proposing some important changes to the statutes at this meeting, so please ensure that you are represented. The proposed statutes are available on the site, and comments are welcomed.

This is just a taster of the topics covered at our meeting, the full minutes will appear later. So as the captain said, I will sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of my flight. Waiting in excited anticipation for the trumpet call that will announce our arrival on time........don't you just love it !!.............