Vice President's Spring blog

As the lambs frolic in the fields, and the flowers in the garden burst into bloom, it is a good time to reflect on ESAM’s rapid growth, and future direction. Just like a plant, an organisation like ESAM needs to ensure that it has strong roots to sustain its growth and development. For this reason the Executive Committee (EC) have recently agreed a strategy document, to set the direction for the coming years.

It is not a weighty tome, being a few pages long. It will appear on the site shortly after this blog, so we would be very grateful if you could read it. You may have to forgive the references to Monty Python and Star Trek, both major influences on my writing style!

You will see from the strategy, that ESAM needs to consolidate in order to maintain its rapid development, to maintain continuity, whilst at the same time being rejuvenated. Just like Springtime! To do this, there are some changes to the Statutes that are being proposed. These are outlined in the strategy, and a revised version of the statutes, in English and German, will appear on the site later. They will be presented formally at the General Assembly, in Bucharest in September. Please let us have your comments on these proposed changes.

The UK Association of Aviation Medical Examiners held its 31st Annual Scientific Meeting at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel, near Heathrow, on the 2nd April. This was a very successful meeting with very positive feedback from the 162 delegates. I was very honoured to be invested as the Chairman of the Association at the AGM on the next day. Roland Vermeiren attended the weekend as a guest, and very kindly stepped in at short notice to give a highly entertaining after dinner speech at the Gala Dinner. “The curious connection between Belgian beer and aerospace medicine” Both Roland and I are confident that the hotel is an excellent venue for the 3rd ECAM in November 2012.

There are some pictures of the meeting, and other recent engagements of the EC on the site. I look forward to seeing many of you at the AsMA meeting in Anchorage, particularly those travelling from Europe on the ‘flight of the condor’. There will be an ESAM session on Wednesday lunchtime. I will be giving a brief presentation on the ESAM strategy, and if that does not send you to sleep, it will be followed by some thought provoking presentations on flight time limitations, and space tourism.

Live long and prosper