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Dear friends, dear colleagues ,

It is again the time of year when ESAM must invite our member associations to propose nominations for the Executive Committee for the coming 2 years , according to the statutes : “Every two years the GA shall elect two deputies (First and Second Vice- Presidents), a Secretary-General, a Treasurer, a Director of Communication, and a Director without portfolio, to constitute the EC.

These shall be elected for a period of two years. Any officer may seek re-election after a two-year term, but no member shall serve for more than six years except in exceptional circumstances, and as agreed by the General Assembly.” I have to emphasise that nominations can only be made by member associations who have paid their annual dues , and not by individuals. Read more

The European Society of Aerospace Medicine’s Academy organizes an Advanced Aeromedical Examiners (AME) Course from 28 September to 21 October, 2022

We offer 42 hours of online lectures combined with 24 hours of practical training at the Norwegian Institute of Aviation Medicine in Oslo.

The online lectures start on 28 September 2022 and will be held each Wednesday and Friday (3 hours - late afternoon), Saturday (6 hours), and Sunday (4 hours). Sufficient breaks will be provided. Sunday 16 October is left free for travel to Oslo. The practical training will be given from Monday 17 till Friday 21 October 2022 and will be concluded with a written examination.

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Presented by The International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine (IAASM) as part of the 2021-22 virtual series of webinars sponsored by IAASM, the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA), the European Society of Aerospace Medicine (ESAM), and La Société Francophone de Médecine Aérospatiale (SOFRAMAS) leading up to the 22-24 September 2022 International Conference of Aerospace Medicine (ICAM 2022).

Aeromedical Aspects of Mass Evacuations: Preparation, Reaction, and Response
9 March 2022, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Central Standard Time (1600-1900 UTC)

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AsMA, in coordination with the Mission-Next Foundation, is offering a webinar titled "Dispatches from the Front: A Third World War...It's All About the Air." The webinar will be presented virtually via Zoom Webinar on Saturday, February 26, 2022

This webinar is the first in a series of webinars designed to provide physicians and other preventive health professionals accredited Continuing Medical Education units to educate them on the rationale and science behind providing clean air in indoor shared air spaces for both COVID response today and future resiliency of infrastructure (including medical and transportation) tomorrow.

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ESAM’s Scientific Advisory Board Committee (ABC) was founded in 2007 and is tasked to provide scientific advice on aerospace medical questions to the Executive Committee. It is an independent body within ESAM. During 2021 the ABC consisted of Trond-Eirik Strand (Chair), Ries Simons (Co-Chair), Martin Hudson (Secretary), Claudia Stern, Olivier Manen, René Maire, Olga Verba, Roland Vermeiren, Jochen Hinkelbein and Felix Strollo. 

Due to the covid-19 pandemic the activity has been somewhat lower than usual in ABC. Only two digital meetings have been conducted up-to September 2021. Members of the ABC participated actively in scientific webinars organised by ESAM Academy (Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the aviation community and on aircrew), EASA (two workshops on Pilot Peer Support), and lectured in several basic and advanced courses for AMEs. 

Members of ABC have been engaged in ESAM Academy (Claudia, Ries, Roland, Felix). Olivier is involved in planning ICASM 2022 and Martin represented ESAM in ICAO Mental Health Group. The Circle of Experts groups Ophthalmology (chaired by Claudia), Space Medicine (chaired by Jochen), Cardiology (chaired by René), Mental Health (chaired by Ries), and Human Factors (chaired by Ries) have started their activities. The Space Medicine group published in November 2020 (after the last annual report) a paper on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) during spaceflight on behalf of the German Society of Aerospace Medicine (DGLRM) and the European Society of Aerospace Medicine Space Medicine Group (ESAM-SMG). 

In the coming year, the ABC will further promote the expertise potential of the Circle of Experts groups to assist National Authorities and EASA in their scientific issues. Where relevant, collaboration with working groups of the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) and the International Academy of Aerospace medicine (IAASM) will be sought.  

Trond-Eirik Strand and Ries Simons,
Chair and Co-chair Advisory Board Committee

Per Harald Aarva was born 28.01.1939 in Rørås, Norway. He studied medicine in Göttingen, Germany where he graduated in 1968. He became a specialist in internal medicine and gastroenterology in 1980, and occupational medicine in 1994.

He was Chief Medical Officer of CAA Norway from 1982 until 2009, and a Member of the International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine from 1994. He was a participant in many ICASM congresses, and was central in the organization of the ICASM congress in Oslo in 1997.

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Dear Colleagues,

The next scientific webinar to be held as part of the virtual ICAM 2021 webinar series will be hosted by the Francophone Society of Aerospace Medicine (SOFRAMAS) on 23 September (in French) and again on 30 September (in English) during 17:00 - 19:30 hrs (Paris time).

The topic is "Tropical diseases and overseas missions in aircrew : an update in 2021", which will make an interesting change from the COVID-related webinars that have been provided lately. We encourage you to support this event, which is free and does not require registration.

The full programme is at the foot of this message and more information, including ZOOM links, is available at:

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Boothby-Edwards Award: Ries Simons

Established in memory of Walter M. Boothby, M.D., pioneer aviation medicine researcher, and Howard K. Edwards, M.D., clinical practitioner of aviation medicine, this award is presented annually for outstanding research and/or clinical practice directed at the promotion of health and prevention of disease in professional airline pilots. (The separate Boothby and Edwards Awards were given annually 1961–1973, and then alternately until 1985.) Sponsored by Harvey W. Watt and Company.

Ries Simons, M.D. is the 2021 recipient of the Boothby-Edwards Award for his wide-ranging contributions to the field of Aerospace Medicine. The award recognizes his research and efforts in preventing disease in professional pilots. His expertise and current research include: 1) medical and human factor aspects of aerospace medicine and working under extreme conditions; 2) effects of operational and environmental factors on health and performance of aviators and astronauts; 3) fatigue risk management for aircrew and military missions; 4) effects of alcohol, drugs, and medication on crew alertness and performance.

Dr. Simons is a consultant Aerospace Medicine and the cofounder of the European Pilot Peer Support Initiative (EPPSI). After earning his M.D. degree from Utrecht University in The Netherlands, he was licensed to practice medicine in 1973. He worked as General Practitioner, Senior Resident Internal Medicine, and practiced several years as Medical Officer in Zambia and Chad. In 1985 he became Senior Research Physician at the National Aeromedical Institute, and since 2002 has worked as Medical Advisor at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO).

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Dear colleagues, dear Member Associations of ESAM,

Voting for the new President-Elect is coming up very soon. We have one candidate, Dr Declan Maher from Ireland , so you can vote : YES , NO or ABSTENTION.

One voting slot will be given to each member association who has paid the membership fee, between 11 and 18 September midnight.

During the GA on Sunday 19 September starting at 14.00 , the result will be communicated.

Many thanks for your support to our Association!
The Nomination Committee of ESAM:
Roland Vermeiren (chair), Lilla Ungvary and Cristian Panait

I have been nominated as President-elect by my Society in order to continue the plan of my office. I had hoped to develop deeper relationships between the Executive Committee and the Member Associations of ESAM and external relationships with other Associations in my tenure as President.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 Pandemic has had massive impacts on all our lives in so many domains. As a family that always meet away, never at home, we have been restricted in our contacts and communications over the past 19 months.

We had planned a major venture with AsMA, IAASM and SOFAMAS for last September. Reality replaced it by a Zoom call. We will continue to work towards ICAM 2022.

We are seeing the sparks of re-ignition and movements to a new future. I believe that we need to be flexible and ready to adapt to the changes that will be required by the new normal. In that world we will need to re-establish relationships and contacts. If we learned nothing from the Pandemic, we learned that it is a very small world and that all regions are affected.

I have worked in various areas of aviation medicine over a long time and I hope that I can bring my experience and flexibility to help ESAM develop and grow from these very dark days. I see it as an opportunity to rebuild the relationships and interactions with the Member Associations of ESAM in the ethos of promoting flight safety for all.

I also hope to reach out to the representative Associations elsewhere in the world to develop relationships and co-operation in an attempt to enrich our experience of aerospace medicine to our mutual benefit.


Declan Maher
President ESAM.

CV Dr. Declan Maher Aviation Summary

Dear ESAM member associations,

The nomination period for President Elect is closed. We have one nominee, doctor Declan Maher from Ireland and the actual President. In the following weeks you will get practical info on the electronical voting process during 1 week before our virtual General Assembly on 19 September.

Many thanks for your support,
ESAM Nomination Committee

Dear ESAM members, With a heavy heart we inform you that the European aviation medicine community has lost a very experienced member in the person of Col. Dr. Virgil Baloescu. On Saturday 13.03.2021 Dr. Baloescu lost his battle with COVID-19 at the age of 73.

Dr. Baloescu was an esteemed neuro-psychiatrist with great experience working in the Romanian Air Force both as flight surgeon and neuro-psychiatrist in the Romanian Institute of Aviation Medicine (INMAS).

During this period he also supported civil aviation through his work as a civil aero-medical examiner in INMAS. He also acted as medical assessor of the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority and represented Romania in many national and international events and working groups. He was a member of the JAA Medical Subcommittee and one of the main co-authors of the psychiatry chapter of the first edition of the JAA Manual of Aviation Medicine.

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The Aerospace Medical Association, as part of the 2021 Virtual International Conference in Aerospace Medicine (2021 Virtual ICAM), is offering a two-part webinar series titled "COVID-19 Clinical Impacts and Aeromedical Implications for Aircrew Health and Performance."

The 2021 Virtual ICAM is a series of webinars offered throughout 2021 to replace the ICAM Paris that was postponed from September 2021 to September 2022. The theme of the 2021 Virtual ICAM is "Pandemics and Progress in Aerospace Medicine."

The International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine (IAASM) is leading the 2021 Virtual ICAM in collaboration with the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA), the European Society of Aerospace Medicine (ESAM), and La Société Francophone de Médecine Aérospatiale (SOFRAMAS).

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